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Postby AdamPLOT » Mon Jan 05, 2015 8:40 am

*** things being heard around the area ***

Lots of sounds have been heard from the grove of the nature casters. Mainly the sound of arguments and yelling, a few sounds of scuffles as well.

Some animals, livestock and citizens have been found mauled and particialy eaten the past few days. The attacked seem to have occurred during the night.

Several celebrations of the start of the new year have drained the local taverns and filled the holding rooms. The patrols from the novels are a bit short tempered due to the amount of dru is they have had to deal with. Many are calling for a sheriff or marshal to be named to patrol the town of Elmrisen.

The followers of the elemtal icons are still around "recruiting" members to join them.

Many trolls, orcs, ogres, and goblins have been seen on the roads. When asked they are seaking the one who killed their King. The are not hostile at this time but seem very irritated.

Several eleves have been seen wondering around the towns in groups. They seem wary of any darker skinned beings. One story being told is of them forming a defensive position when a black Gorbe walked in front of their path. Another story is of them running into a local tavern when said Gorbe was seen.
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