I am coming, should Tyrra allow

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I am coming, should Tyrra allow

Postby Grey » Tue Oct 30, 2007 4:45 pm

Greetings all!
I am Grey. I have been told several times this past year that I used to go by The Grey Hare, and That I used to be a MWE.
As it stands, I am a Desert Viper Snake "Scavenger". I am sending this letter to be potsted so that many other adventurers do not try to attack me as though I was a horrible creature when I arrive. You will know me instantly yb sight, as I have a different type of scale coloring. I am red, with blue undertones, much Like the way I dress.
As I can recall very very little about the customs of your lands. And, I haven't found any Laws posted anywhere.
I have travelled very little, but I have travelled. In one of the lands I passed through, there was a "registry" for those of a "not normal" lineage, a.k.a. "scavengers". Is this one of those places that desire to seperate "normals" from "non-norms"? If so, where do I need to register, and/or who do I need to see?
Are there different laws for different races, or one race follows a certain set of laws, and everyone else follows another? I would like not to violate any laws in a new land.
And, in case it matters, I hail from an area just outside the Mydian valley. A nice place called Whitepool. Is this going to be a problem?
And, in closing, I have heard that a few of my familia and a couple of my friends are also travelling to your Lands. If anyone hears from Kelvay, Coto, or Sister Thrift, please direct them (or me) to meet as sson as they arrive. I have been gone from home for awhile, and would like to catch up.

Sidetracked. Sorry. Last faint images I can recall, there was an evil woman named Lanessa or something last time I was present. Is she still around, or did someone finally do that cold witch in?

Thank You for your attention and help,
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Postby Cirin Icerider » Tue Oct 30, 2007 10:59 pm

Goodman Grey,

We look forward to you your visit to the Town of Elmrisen in the Territories of Willowdark.

For reference to all visitors, our laws are publicly posted at: http://www.nerokentucky.com/laws.htm . They are the standard criminal laws of the Concordance of Avalon, thus they are the same laws you will find in Evendarr and many other civilized nations.

Of note to visitors from the Mydian Valley and surrounding lands, necromancy is strictly prohibited. There have been misunderstandings about this in the past, so we wish to make it clear that our laws do not permit chaos magics or undead. I have travelled to the Mydian Valley before, in the fall of 604, and I know that there are very different attitudes regarding the undead in those lands, so I say this to prevent any further misunderstandings.

Our laws do not discriminate with regard to the lineage or heritage of any living being. Any living and intelligent being which wishes to peacefully live amongst the people of Willowdark and obey our laws is welcome to do so. In practice, Orcs, Kobolds, Goblins and some other peoples are not welcome within our cities, because they either openly ally themselves with our enemies, or refuse to acknowledge our laws and government and stand against us as bandits and rebels.

The warlord Necromancer-Queen Lanessa is still a warlord at war with Willowdark. The Warlord Lycor had his armies defeated and his lands reclaimed in April, but the warlord himself remains at large. We are making significant progress in our civil war.


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