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Left over night on the tree

PostPosted: Thu Jan 10, 2008 11:39 am
by CotoWindwalker
Greetings Denizens of Willowdark or is it Elmrisen I always get that confused. At any rate I was just a little concerned with the lack of news from your area and wanted to be sure that the good fight is still going well. Last I remember the box was gone and the healing of the land had started so I hope that progress has been made and lose of life is minimal.

Any news on how things are going would be appreciated if only so that I can be sure you will all be around when I have time to stay a while.

Coto Windwalker

PostPosted: Fri Jan 11, 2008 9:36 am
by Cirin Icerider
Goodman Coto,

It is good to hear from you again. All is well, we are currently scheduling more gatherings in Elmrisen and Wayside Lodge for the coming year, but we are not certain on the dates.

Yes, the Box of Enhancement has returned to the land and has begun to heal the land, and a significant portion of Willowdark has been purged of the taint. Lycor's armies are broken and routed and Lycor himself is a wanted fugitive and the reign of the Lord Regent covers approximately 40% of Willowdark now with the territories of Fallwin and Mintergaus.

For clarification, Willowdark is the name of our nation, Elmrisen is the town in which most of our gatherings are held.

OOC: Ben is working to schedule some more events, I have been in e-mail contact with him, NERO Kentucky is still alive and kicking and will probably be having a couple of weekend events this year with one in the spring and one in late fall, and a few one-days over the summer.