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Postby Kelvay » Wed Jul 29, 2009 9:06 am

Bonadifka Everybody!

I am to be Kelvay! Some of jou to be know me, some of jou to be not. I am to be a Merchant and to be have many wares for to be sell. I will to be have many tings to be bring wid me at de coming gader and want to know if jou to be need me to make jou something Special. I to be have:

and More!

I also to be doing de formal casting- Mostly Earth, Some Celestial. let me know what jou to be need.

And last but not least I to be sell de HOOCH! I will to be have 2 flavors wid me at dis gader!

Hooch Flavor- very fruity and delicious!
Kelvay's Peachy Keene- Yummy!!

I will to be have large bottles and small bottles for sale.
Small bottle - 4 gold
Large bottle - 8 gold
Reserve your bottle today!!!
Kelvay Rominoff
Kumpaniya de Rominoff
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Postby Chase » Wed Jul 29, 2009 4:11 pm

Hey Kelvay.
How many Flame bolt scrolls, Lighting storm scrolls, Shield magic scrolls/potions, Magic armor scrolls/potions do you have up for sale?
Depending on the number I might be in the market to buy most of them.
Just let me know via private missive or just talk to me about it at the gather.

Chase Stormraven Shadowfang
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