Storytelling July/August 609 Edition

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Storytelling July/August 609 Edition

Postby Dante » Tue Aug 04, 2009 7:20 pm

This space is reserved for stories from the July/August 609 gathering in Elmrisen. If you have a really good story or information from this gathering and would like to share it with all readers of the message trees, post it below. All to often an adventurer does something truly spectacular and nobody is around to see it. And then there are the people that could not make it to the gathering and want to know what they missed. This is your chance. Don't forget to sign your name so that we can give credit to where credit is due.

(OOG-Remember that this information is all in-game and needs to be told from the in-game perspective)
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The death and rebirth of Teerik Willowdark

Postby Cirin Icerider » Sun Aug 09, 2009 7:48 am

On the night of July 31, 609 the lands of Willowdark were plunged into chaos and disorder. The Lord Regent Teerik Willowdark and the bandit leader Lycor had fought a duel to the death. Lycor had taunted the Lord Regent in a dishonorable fashion, leading to His Majesty being demoralized and disheartened. Lycor took the opportunity to strike His Majesty down. His Majesty had left explicit orders that if he were to lose, he was not to be given a Life spell, the duel was to the death.

In a moment of horror, the townsfolk of Elmrisen saw His Majesty fail to resurrect. His body, permanently dead, lay near the doorstep of the Bloody Bones Tavern. Refusing to see his memory dishonored, his mortal remains were carried into the tavern and he lay in state in the Earth Circle, gold coins placed on his eyes as a funeral tradition.

Lord Ryric, Seneschal E'nick acting as a representative of Lord Ebonwyrm, and Lord Icerider met, sitting around the body of their fallen Liege. It was agreed; there was no known heir to the throne, and no clear line of succession. With no other precedent, the Council of Willowdark assuming temporary leadership during the captivity of the Lord Regent in 606 E.R. was the only base from which to proceed. Acting as a quorum of the Council of Willowdark, they agreed that none of them had a rightful claim to the throne, and that the Council would take leadership of Willowdark unto themselves collectively until another option could be found.

However, the Council knew that the enemies of The Crown would move against Willowdark when word of the permanent death of His Majesty spread. Leaving in a great hurry, Lord Icerider left to contact his colleagues among the Archmages for guidance. The Lord Guildmaster mounted a white horse and rode though the night until he arrived at the Valley of the Magi in the early morning, and entered the vast Grey Tower.

There Lord Icerider consulted with his fellow Archmages. Word of the death of Teerik Willowdark was met with amazement and disbelief. Based on the circumstances of his death and magical omens, it was determined that he might not be completely beyond revival, although heroic means would be needed revive him. His body was hidden by the Council in a secret place to prevent its defilement before funeral arrangements could be made.

Upon being rifted back to Elmrisen, Lord Icerider assembled his allies. Shortly thereafter, the spirit of His Majesty whispered into the ears of his closest and most trusted servants. His spirit was not totally gone, indeed it was calling for help!

By the shore of Lake Bahb, just to the south of Elmrisen, the manifest spirit of the Lord Regent stood. His spirit was injured, incomplete, and needed to be made whole. If reunified before the end of the coming night, the His Majesty might live again.

The darkest aspects of his spirit had shattered away and become manifest. All the parts of His Majesty that lead to his fall in that fateful duel would have to be overcome by his subjects that he might live again.

First came his despair. The sadness of His Majesty made manifest, the loss of the will to live made physical. Surrounded by Lycor's shadowmen, the Aspect of Despair was overcome by the boundless hope of the good people of Willowdark. A spirit-shard of blue, symbolic of sadness, was discovered and was the beginning of the restoration.

Second came his jealousy. All of covetousness, greed, and wrongful desire became manifest. This was not to be overcome by force, but instead by total selflessness as the people of Elmrisen spoke in one voice that they cared not for treasure, but instead for unity and cooperation. In the flash of a firebomb that was consuming foul bait, the Aspect of Jealousy vanished and a spirit-shard of green, symbolic of envy was collected as the next step in the restoration.

Third came anger. Hatred and fury turned from being emotions into physical form were next to overcome. The Aspect of Anger appeared as an enraged copy of the Lord Regent, blindly attacking the town of Elmrisen with legendary power. Those that had seen His Majesty on the battlefield knew that he fought with the power of a dozen men or more, and could fight most of an army himself. Fighting with even greater strength than his mortal form, all of the people had to stand together embracing Valor to quell the enraged spirit. When overcome, a red spirit-shard of rage was collected. Now the spirit of Teerik Willowdark was approaching restoration.

Last came fear. Terror and cowardice incarnate were the enemy. Through a portal to the Plane of Nightmares a group of steadfast adventurers traveled. In a dark citadel in that frightful realm many banshees were fought, and the Aspect of Fear was finally overcome through pure courage. With the Yellow spirit-shard of fear taken, and a portal back to Tyrra discovered, the path was now clear.

Wasting no time, the people returned to Lake Bahb where they met with the Spirit of Teerik Willowdark. This was a different aspect, this was the Hope of His Majesty. This was the part of him that fights, even in death, for a better future. So that he could return to life he placed his trust in his Defenders of the Griffin. Instead of a shard of spirit, a spiritual sword became the symbol of this aspect.

In a special ritual crafted of the arts of the Archmages, the closest allies of the Lord Regent began to reforge his Spirit and reunite it with his body. As a necessary sacrifice, Lord Ryric died during the casting, although he was given a Field Resurrection immediately so he could continue to help. As the Greater Resurrection continued, Lycor could sense his chance and came to interrupt the ritual, bringing his most elite warriors along with him.

The battle was long and dangerous, but the hope and valor of the good people of Willowdark never faltered. At long last, His Majesty's spirit was healed of its torment, purified of its imperfections and reunified with a revivified body. With a battle cry that lifted the hearts of all present, the reborn Lord Regent Teerik Willowdark rallied his subjects to chase away Lycor and his minions back to the shadows they skulk in.

Now restored to his full glory and strength and surrounded by his loyal Council members, His Majesty stands ready to lead Willowdark to victory and prosperity over all adversity.

Lord Cirin Icerider
Lord Master of Guilds of All Willowdark
Council of Willowdark
Archmage of Healing and Abjuration
Defender of the Griffin
Cirin Icerider
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