The Matter of Succession

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The Matter of Succession

Postby blackwingedheaven » Thu Feb 28, 2013 1:57 am

As no new Market Day shall be called for some months hence, it is a matter of keenest concern to myself--as well as to other citizens with whom I am affiliated--to wonder about the matter of succession to the throne of Willowdark, and of the disposition of our now-freed homeland in terms of its governance. I refer of course to the matter of Lord Teerik's contested claim to the throne, and of the elemental warlord who made the counter-claim against him. I wonder at the feelings of my fellow citizens--noble and commoner alike--on what the future of Willowdark would hold, should either of the two manage to claim the throne.

For myself, I am a simple blacksmith's son, elevated briefly to a position of authority during a time of crisis, and willingly departing that position when injured beyond my capacity to perform it. Now that I am whole of body once more, I have become again involved in the matters that affect our young nation. I have no desire to see Willowdark plunged into another decade-long civil war, nor any blood to be shed on the altar of ambition. Such feuding offers only harm to all. I would thereby hope and pray that those involved in this power struggle would be wise and insightful enough to keep it as a matter of politics rather than drawing blades and forcing brother to take up arms against brother. Further, I would hope that whatever the final adjudication of this matter, that all involved would hold to the same standard of ethics and courtly behavior.

I hope to hear other viewpoints on this matter, from any who would be willing to offer them. I ask that we remember that we speak of the affairs of those who might be accorded special protections for their reputation by the Accords of Avalon, and thus to keep the discussion civil and courteous.

My thanks to all who seek to offer their wisdom.

Keenan Burnflame
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