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Willowdark Guilds

PostPosted: Tue Apr 09, 2013 12:05 pm
by blackwingedheaven
Having just completed a long-distance journey in the far northern kingdom of New Caladore, I have returned curious about the current structure of the guild system in Willowdark. I know that the esteemed Lord Cirin Icerider acts as Guildmaster currently, but the inner workings of the guilds are somewhat opaque at present. As a celestial caster growing in power, and the traveling companion of an equally burgeoning healer, I would appreciate an update on the current benefits, requirements, restrictions, and so on of the local guild system, including its divisions and costs. Particularly, I would like to hear from Master Cirin about this matter, but any information would be useful. As the gateway to Willowdark grows in scope, public information about the guild system would also be a boon for posting in such a place.

My thanks for any information.

Keenan Burnflame
Battlemage of Willowdark
Warder of the Celestial Guild of New Caladore