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Envoy from Naringal

PostPosted: Tue Jul 23, 2013 7:46 pm
by TrystofFate
*sent by raven*

Friends and neighbors of Willowdark,

I bid you grand tidings from your allies of the Republic of Naringal. I understand there is unrest in the land of my birth and it fills me with deep sorrow. I write to you as an offer of aid. A small envoy of my trusted friends and allies from Naringal will be making an envoy to your lands in the next month. We will be embarking on the new moon so we should arrive just under a fortnight thereafter. Though we contend with our own strife in our homeland, we will be bringing some small supplies for the people of Willowdark. We have basic supplies, however, should you have any specific needs that we are able to part with do not hesitate to let me know. It is our hope that these arms and armor will assist you in protecting yourselves in these uncertain times. Know that though our lands are divided, the good people of Willowdark will find support from friends in troubled times.

Until we gather,

Re: Envoy from Naringal

PostPosted: Tue Jul 23, 2013 8:18 pm
by AdamPLOT
*** Posted on the message tree with the letter from Lord Vaylen and a copy sent by pigeon to the Lord ***

Lord Vaylen,

I am glad you will be journeying to my fair land upon the next month. If you would be so kind to send me a personal message concerning the route you and your party will be taking I will do my best to send an honor guard to help protect you and your group from bandits and wild animals. With the past civil war Willowdark fought we were unable to control the highwaymen, pirates, and slavers operating in the area. My men and the few who continue in Lycor's service have been doing our best to corral this new blight, with some success. So Please Lord Vaylen be very careful while traveling. All others who read this message take head of this warning as well.

Lord Regent Teerik Willowdark

Re: Envoy from Naringal

PostPosted: Wed Jul 24, 2013 6:19 pm
by TrystofFate
*sent by raven*

Lord Regent Teerik,

While I am grateful for such a prestigious offer, I must decline. I am in no need of an honor guard as I am honored every day by my brothers and sisters of Naringal who will be traveling with me. I have no doubt that we can deal with the dangers of travel ourselves. I would be remiss if I were to accept such protection when it may endanger the people of Willowdark by limiting their own protection. I am sure that we will speak in due time and I look forward to gaining more insight as to the state of affairs in Willowdark.