happenings of spring and early summer 614

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happenings of spring and early summer 614

Postby AdamPLOT » Thu Jul 10, 2014 6:00 pm

(Below is common knowledge to any resident of Willowdark and has been discussed in all of the Taverns in the land)

In early May, an eruption was seen off the northern shore one evening. Many people said that they remembered their being a chain of Isles far to the north in that direction. Two days after this light show many boats bearing a large number of refugees from these famed isles showed up seeking sanctuary. The Nobles of Willowdark quickly ensured these refugees were housed and fed. Most have stayed in Willowdark, settling into abandoned farm lands, joining the local guilds and opening shops, or joining the armed forces of the Nobel houses.

No further sightings have been recorded of the huge golden dragon that was seen soon after the eruption in May. The disappearance of several farm animals has been blamed on the beast.

Several stone statues have been seen scattered about the lands. Some have even been said to look like the missing animals or people.

It appears all of the insane arch mages have been found and placed under protective custody.

No one seems to trust shadowy places right now.
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