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Postby AdamPLOT » Tue Aug 26, 2014 1:35 pm

To all the good citizens of Willowdark I bring grave news.

Our patrols have seen several groups of Quentari elves in various colors wandering around the outskirts of Elmrisen. When asked of their intensions they rudely reply they are looking for the lost source and move on. They seem to pose no threat, and keep to themselves. We did witness a squabble between one group in all brown verses on in all yellow. They dispersed in different directions when our patrol approached.

Patrols from our forces and those of Lord Tel'Daarn have reported in regularly, but fewer and fewer reports have came from the elemental patrols of the Elemental Warlord. Lycors minions have been seen in some shadowy areas apparently building something. They have not attacked or had any dealings with people.

Reports of diseased and weakened townspeople and travelers have been coming in from the surrounding areas. Many are saying that strange scavengers have been seen in areas infected. Do not be hasty about this possible coincidence, but do keep an eye on who and what is around.

In service to Duke Teerik always,
Lord Reginald Chustan
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