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PostPosted: Wed Aug 01, 2007 8:48 pm
by Noah Absten
If you use fiberglass, you need to use the .505 for most weapons and for 2H weapons I think you need .606
I have never built an ultralight 2H so I can't remember for sure.

As far as materials, This is the place I always use.

They also carry kite tape.

I highly recommend NOT using the camp foam.

Plus, There are some additional steps you have to take when making UL weapons. For one, you have to be sure to use endcaps.

Here is a link to a good guide

I am not sure of your location. I am in Louisville area and would be happy to teach anyone how to build some very nice, light, and sturdy weapons. If anyone wants to take me up on that, I will see what I can do.

Hope this helps,

PostPosted: Sat Aug 04, 2007 7:59 pm
by Dar_Mandra
Oh cool you allow ultralights. One of the chapters I play in doesn't, nor do they allow the latex.

When I was with the IFGS thats what we used. I will tell you from my experience that I find fiberglass core to be a bad choice for 2-handed weapons, as they can really whip in combat. We used to use a bamboo core for those. Made for ugly weapons though, but no whip.

PostPosted: Sat Aug 04, 2007 11:57 pm
by Noah Absten
Bamboo is against the rules, sorry. As far as fiberglass core.. I have NEVER seen one whip at all, but I know that the PVC ones still whip some.

PostPosted: Sun Aug 05, 2007 8:11 am
by Dar_Mandra
Cool thanks for the info, as for the bamboo, that was for IFGS, I know you cant use it in NERO.

As for useing plastic pipes, try to avoid PVC, it is more brittle than CPVC. PVC pipe is generally used for drain lines and cold water lines, CPVC is used for water lines both hot and cold so it is made to be less brittle and thus stronger (the plumber in me talking).

If whipping becomes a problem with the pipe for longer weapons try what I do. Use 3/4" pipe and slide a 1/2" pipe into it and use plumbing caps at the end (3/4"). It won't be much heavier and will bring the whiping to an abrupt halt.

Although personally I am going to lookinto that fiberglass core myself. I prefer the lighter weapons. Except for the spear I use for blocking, I'd still want that a bit heavier :)

PostPosted: Mon Aug 06, 2007 4:17 am
by Dar_Mandra
Can't argue there.

Odd thing though, last night I used the last of my fiber glass core I had left over from my IFGS days, I made a long sword and a dagger.... and the bloody thing weighed the same as my ones made from cpvc.

I'll still used the ultralight ones though.... they look cooler :) nice flat blade instead of a round one. Easier to imagine as a sword.

PostPosted: Wed Aug 08, 2007 6:55 pm
by Dar_Mandra
Gwenlor Shadowhunt wrote:And because they look more like an actualy sword....And not a club...

Yea really. I also like the latex weapons for that reason too.... but to expensive.

PostPosted: Wed Oct 17, 2007 3:05 am
by Kyace

Had a weapon question that I figured I'd bright up:

Are bows made using the guide here:
and arrows made using the guide here:
Legal in events in Kentucky?

PostPosted: Thu Oct 18, 2007 5:18 am
by Skjaldbakka
NERO uses packet archery. Spell packets with streamers. If you were at the last event, the yellow packets with the red ribbons were arrow packets, and the curved bow-looking thing was a longbow.


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