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PostPosted: Sun Apr 05, 2009 7:23 pm
by Dekar
Hey Everyone!

i wanted to take a little bit of time out to thank you for everything.

Ben and Kyle - you guys rock the game you guys run is so much fun nonstop excitement. it was worth every hour of the trip.

Joe, Stu and Kat - you guys are awesome thanks for letting me run with you guys and listen to all the crazy stories you guys have. It really was a blast.

Willow - your kindness is one of a kind. thanks for everything.

the kitchen staff - southern cooking is one of a kind it was simply amazing and the food alone was worth the trip.

NPCs _ you guys ran your butts off thank you it was so much fun

sorry if i forgot anyone it has been a really long day .

and finally

i want to thank everyone for making us feel at home. That alone made the trip worth while. It was a trip that i will remember for a really long time. I can't wait to be able to make it back down.

p.s. krista will be posting the pics from the event asap

Thanks again for everything