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Why Memorization?

PostPosted: Tue Feb 25, 2014 11:12 am
by blackwingedheaven
Let me first say that the most recent event was the best Kentucky event I've been to in a long time--maybe ever! So kudos to the plot team, the staff, and all the great NPCs. I really hope this is a sign of good things still to come from the chapter.

That being said, there's one small thing that bugged me about this event: the return to spell memorization. With cast on the fly as a legitimate rules option in modern NERO, why go back to memorization? Quite frankly, casters are already hampered by the system enough without a return to a system that virtually destroys any ability to be creative or innovative with our abilities. NERO isn't like D&D, where casters dominate the battlefield; no, in NERO, fighters are the power class and scholars are the class that gets to interact with weird stuff and have a few cool tricks.

Memorization stifles caster creativity, and it makes people playing casters have less fun, in my experience. I've never met a caster who didn't feel cheated when a spell on his list could have turned the tide of battle, but he didn't prepare it that day. I've never met a caster who didn't breathe a sigh of relief when their chapter went to cast on the fly. I know at least two players who missed the last event for work reasons and are now seriously just skipping future events because of the change back to memorization casting. It's just not fun to have to deal with.

And saying "Well, there's a ritual to go back to cast on the fly" isn't a helpful answer. Having to jump through hoops to use the abilities you've already paid for--and that aren't that powerful compared to an equivalent-level fighter's ability to swing 20s all day long--is even less fun than having your creativity stifled.

The game rules allow for both memorization and cast on the fly equally, so I'm not accusing the chapter of "cheating us" or anything like that. I just would like an answer about why, when presented with two options, the chapter has chosen to pick the one that is 1) less fun, 2) actually scares off new players, 3) makes old players not want to come back, and 4) weakens an already non-optimal class choice.

I'd appreciate any answers that the staff would care to share. Thanks.

Re: Why Memorization?

PostPosted: Thu Feb 27, 2014 6:41 pm
by AdamPLOT

I am glad you had a great time this past event, I hope we can continue to provide good quality NERO Kentucky events. Please anyone who has comments or questions feel free to post them here, on facebook, or send me an email

Memorization the reasons. 1) The we are trying to set some basic parameters for all three chapters in this region KY, SOH, and SWV. SOH and SWV are memorization chapters with IG ways of learning cast on the fly. KY is now the same (and one PC is working very hard to get CotF back quickly). 2) Plot reasons with Lycor and what happened when he achieved his Icon status (I don't want to say much more than that). 3) Yes I know it's a pain (level 25 scholar that is memorization everywhere I play that character) and I know it may disinterest well established players, but in my experience low level players are not as effected by the magic spell selection system. I also was hoping it would be seen by established players as a painful but entertaining puzzle to solve. I hope several people will join the quest to find out what happened with Lycor and how to cast on the fly while trying to solve the other riddles I will be sending their way along with some creatures that want to kill them. One other note: it wasn't to make my job easier as I now have to have all NPCs memorize spells before they go into town, along with stating, back story, etc.

Once again any comments, questions, or suggestions are always welcome.


Re: Why Memorization?

PostPosted: Thu Feb 27, 2014 8:35 pm
by blackwingedheaven
Thanks for the response, Adam! While I dislike memorization intensely, I'm still pleased that the staff are willing to address our concern and answer our questions. The real problem with making this a plot issue is that since Kentucky is only scheduled for two (maybe three) events a year at the moment, it basically takes years to resolve even the most minor plot elements, rather than having a plot turnover three or four times a year as more event-heavy chapters get. I'll keep coming to events as long as they keep being good regardless, but memorization scares away new players and doesn't endear older ones; it's essentially all downside for everyone.

Thanks again.