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Most Hated Minions

PostPosted: Tue Apr 03, 2007 1:24 pm
by Femorious
Seeing as how Willowdark is constantly fighting off the evil minions of various warlords in the area, I thought I would pose this question.

PostPosted: Wed Apr 25, 2007 4:31 pm
by Layander
I dont know about most hated but that titan was my favorite.

PostPosted: Wed Apr 25, 2007 8:57 pm
by Cirin Icerider
Layander wrote:I dont know about most hated but that titan was my favorite.

The titan wasn't a warlord's minion, not that we know of anyway.

The poll refers to the minions of the four warlords that have been encountered over the course of the NERO Kentucky campaign, not to enemies at one event.

Blevin's golems have only been fought at the Wayside Lodge one-day events. The Elemental Warlord that overthrew him has made passing appearances via envoy at Elmrisen, at least at the event back in November when he's the source we used for the scroll we needed to rescue the Lord Regent.

Tethrin's shapeshifters also have mainly appeared at the one-days so far, although some shapeshifter plot with them did come up at the last event with Keenan's lycanthropy kicking in.

Lannessa's undead include the black-eyed and red-eyed undead that attack Elmrisen at night (and appear elsewhere, but not as common).

Lycor's shadowmen have been ongoing regular threats, including being the main threat at the original NERO Kentucky weekend event in September of '05 set at Hangman's Pass, and the people we had to rescue the Lord Regent from in November.