2nd Visit

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2nd Visit

Postby Micah_Amasai » Wed Jul 29, 2009 4:54 pm


My name is Micah Amasai, and I will be traveling for my second visit along with my brothers and some hired hands to Willowdark.

While visiting we wanted to see about purchasing some weapons/armor for our adventure.... I have a need for Silver Arrows.

We would also like to see about purchasing some potions!

I look forward to meeting many of you!

Micah Amasai
Elven Wizard of Earths Magics
Guildmaster of Naringal
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Postby Digger » Wed Jul 29, 2009 5:05 pm

Micah Amasai,
I am an acomplished Smith. Send me your exact needs, I will get to work on them immediately.
~Baron Digger Anvilforge~
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GrandMaster Weaponsmith of House Talia
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Postby Kelvay » Thu Jul 30, 2009 9:12 am

Micah Amasai,
What potions are jou to be needin? I to be make sure dat jou to be have plenty!
Kelvay Rominoff
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