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Official Announcement

Postby Dante » Sat Apr 07, 2007 2:40 pm

Citizens and Friend of Willowdark,

As you may have heard, Lycor’s reign in Mintergaus has ended. The Willowdark militias and the Rangers have eradicated nearly every organized brigand company loyal to Lycor. We have set up militias in each of the major towns in Mintergaus to keep the peace and to insure that they will not fall under Lycor’s influence again. The adventuring group in Elmrisen also had equal success in routing Lycor. They successfully cut of the line of retreat and reinforcements for the brigands and shadow assassins, as well as Lycor himself. In one battle, they removed the enemy’s greatest advantage and decimated the few reinforcements left in Lycor’s keep. Unfortunately, Lycor lives free, but weakened greatly.

With the overall success, there was some disappointing news that came from the town of Elmrisen on the eve of the assault. Lord Tel’Daarn Ebonwyrm, after receiving poor advice from a couple of barristers, announced that the town would be allowed to use chaos magics in the assault on Lycor’s keep. While the advice was legally sound being that they were no longer on the plane of Tyrra, it was ethically incorrect. No forces of Willowdark will be allowed to break the law whether they are engaged in a nation part of the Accords or any other. We cannot bring law and order to Willowdark with chaos and corruption. From this day, any person that casts necromantic magics in the name of Willowdark will be tried under the law. Furthermore, any noble or official that casts necromantic magics will be tried for treason. These individuals are given the responsibility of bringing order to the lands and breaking that would be an affront to Willowdark.

Any individuals that cast chaos magics in this battle under Lord Ebonwyrm’s grace will not be tried. Consider this your warning.

Lord Tel’Daarn Ebonwyrm is ordered to report to Fort Vanguard immediately. He will undergo three months of training in noble ethics under my direct tutelage. Commander Len of the Rangers will take over Elmrisen and House Ebonwyrm until he returns.

We must end the tyranny in all of Willowdark.

Teerik Willowdark
Lord Regent
Territory of Willowdark
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