Posted throughout the Realm: A Call to Arms

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Posted throughout the Realm: A Call to Arms

Postby Cirin Icerider » Thu Aug 23, 2012 4:38 pm

Good People of Willowdark,

For over seven years, the civil war that has wracked the our land have waged on. In these long years, thousands upon thousands of good men have died, entire cities have been razed to the ground, and our entire realm has been on the brink of collapse on more than one occasion.

Now, we stand at a chance to end this war, and bring peace to our land once and for all. We have a chance to turn the tide of battle, to break the stalemate which our war has become.

Now, we call for all good people of Willowdark who can fight, if you can arrange to be present in the Town of Elmrisen from November 9th through the 11th of 612. E.R. you can help us in our most desperate hour.

In service to The Crown I remain,

Lord Cirin Icerider

Lord Master of Guilds of All Willowdark
Council of Willowdark
Archmage of Healing and Abjuration
Master Cartographer
Master Alchemist
Defender of the Griffin


OOG: Yes, NERO Kentucky is coming off hiatus, and has booked an event November 9th through 11th, at Camp McKee in Mt. Sterling KY. Hope to see you all there! Yes, this event is anticipated to wrap up the Civil War plotline. No, this isn't the last event of the chapter, just a chance to wrap up old plots and move forward with a new era for the chapter.
Cirin Icerider
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Re: Posted throughout the Realm: A Call to Arms

Postby Tyri » Tue Sep 04, 2012 9:08 pm

Lord Cirin Icerider.....

I have heard the summons back to my homeland to deal for all time with the taint that has destroyed so much over the past 170+ years. I have sent calls to the winds for those that know me and of my ties to this land to come to bear assistance, and come they will. Already I can hear the rumbles of thunder as they prepare.

Once this is done, and while I will still travel on occasion, I will not let my homeland fall to this again. I will take the place left by my father's stead, and not neglect it. The children that died as i almost did...the families torn asunder and thrown to the more....

It ends now.

~Tyri'ian D. Mahri
Ita'istar de Dyora
Guard your dreams....for remember, I am the one capable of changing it to your worst nightmare if I chose...
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Re: Posted throughout the Realm: A Call to Arms

Postby TrystofFate » Mon Sep 10, 2012 6:53 pm

People of Willowdark,

As always the People of Naringal have heard the call of our kith to the west. We make preparations in anticipation of our journey to your lands however it will be some time before we can depart. If all goes as planned our cadre’ will be in your lands on the 9th day of the 11th month, 612. While our numbers may be few, our spirits burn to aid our cousins in Willowdark. We of the Republic will never turn our backs to the call from those we consider allies and friends.
Vaylen Locklain,
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Re: Posted throughout the Realm: A Call to Arms

Postby blackwingedheaven » Tue Sep 11, 2012 3:43 pm

Lord Cirin,

The road to recovery from my terrible injuries, received on the lines of battle against Willowdark's lycanthropic foes, has been long and painful. I have lost much in my allegiance to the Accords of Avalon--yet my spirit is unbroken. I feel that the time to come out of seclusion has finally arrived. The Circle of the Thorn is sundered, but I remain in service to the highest spirit of the principles of our people. I look forward to being part of the force that strikes the death-blow which will end our terrible time of strife once and for all.

Keenan Burnflame,
former Magistrate of Willowdark
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Re: Posted throughout the Realm: A Call to Arms

Postby Tahliten » Sun Nov 04, 2012 3:29 pm

As the storm-clouds gather, the winds rise from many directions; those who have heard the call from old friends and allies harken and make all preparations to travel.

I am one; the presence of House Silvercord will be the answer to the request for aid.

I will arrive within a few days and make the proper introductions. I look forward to standing shoulder to shoulder with those who are willing to battle this corruption.

May the Stars light your path, and your Ancestors guide you;

Tahliten Alean`Arnith
Ducal Knight of Fengate
Master of House Silvercord
Arch-Wizard of Ambition & Duty
Guildmaster - Fengate Mages Guild
Servant of Life's Eternal Vitality
Guardian of Wellspring
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