Question Partaining to Live Music in Tavern/Inn/Guildhouse?

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Question Partaining to Live Music in Tavern/Inn/Guildhouse?

Postby Howlerd » Mon Jun 03, 2013 11:52 am

Hello, This will be my first post on these forums sense I joined. I have yet to attend a Nero KY event, but hope to in the future when my family is financially back into a stable zone. Considering I am still a Minor to go to the event they will accompany me, in costume (They love the idea of going). I am a violinist and have been working on creating a character until the opportunity arises that I can attend the event.

So, to my question. I want my character to have a way of making money. I looked to my talents in Real life and the number one option is playing my violin in the tavern (Tips would be his pay..). I want to know if this is allowed/If there are rules I should know about, Or if someone is already doing this! If they are I will find a different way of acquiring in game money, But I thought, there was no harm in asking. It would all be a Irish, and tavern themed collection. My favorite out of all the music I have found is the Tavern music from WoW.

So I want to know the rules pertaining to this. Any questions are welcome!
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Re: Question Partaining to Live Music in Tavern/Inn/Guildhou

Postby AdamPLOT » Sun Jun 09, 2013 8:41 pm


Greetings and welcome to the message board. Please feel free to ask any question you might have. now to answer your questions. Playing music in the Tavern for tips is allowed, however remember that in case of attack you will need to be able to store it away safely very quickly. You will also have to ask the Tavern keep for permission to play. As far as getting in game money there are several options. One to to spend build in a Craftsman skill (Bard, Musician, Violinist, options that fit your idea). Craftsman skills provide an income to the player of 2 silver per day per level. Also you have the other in game methods of acquiring coin: looting your kills, stealing from others, and finding treasure chests. Make sure to read the rule book thoroughly.

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Re: Question Partaining to Live Music in Tavern/Inn/Guildhou

Postby TrystofFate » Wed Jul 17, 2013 7:23 pm

OOH violin! That would be so awesome! i'm a huge fan of listening to the thistle & shamrock on NPR. (yup... I'm a true geek) that would really be a nice addition to the atmosphere.
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